RIIICO wins unicorn SEED award at Slush’D 2022

Campus Founder brought Europe’s largest start-up festival to the German city of Heilbronn with RIIICO winning the Unicorn SEED award of 5000€ at this year’s Slush’D.


This September Campus Founders brought the renowned Slush event to Germany. Considered by many to be Europe’s leading tech conference, the event originated in Helsinki and has since spread around the globe to Denmark, China, Japan, Singapur and this year – Germany.

Among other great start-up pitches and keynotes by Frank Thelen, Sofi Laakso and Oliver Hanisch, Felix Fink (CEO at RIIICO) convinced the jury with his pitch on how RIIICO supports manufacturing companies in their efforts towards fully digital manufacturing. RIIICO offers the building blocks and lays the foundation for truly bi-directional digital factory twins – Fink emphasised – opening the door to the industrial metaverse for big industry leaders and small and medium sized manufacturers alike.  

The team decided to spend the 5000€ award money on the new office in Düsseldorf where RIIICO moved in earlier last year. What exactly it will be spent on is yet to be decided but there is no shortage of great ideas. For RIIICO this is an opportunity to add a special touch to the office culture by creating a space where the team can come together during lunch time or on a Friday afternoon for a beer. 



RIIICO offers a cutting-edge software solution enabling its customers to leverage the power of 3D scanning data. Our state-of-the-art AI processing is complemented by an intuitive web software with bi-directional connectivity to your favorite 3D expert tools – AI meets the cloud meets the metaverse.

Thanks to RIIICO large amounts of 3D data are brought to life accurately and made accessible on any device in no time democratizing our collective efforts to the industrial metaverse. In practical terms we enable factory teams to shorten their planning cycles, reduce production downtime, while generating massive cost savings.

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