Shorter modeling time

Reduce modeling time of simulation models by up to 80% with our AI-enabled approach.

Quicker robot set-up

By reducing modeling time, robots in production-critical environments can be programmed up to 30% quicker.

Reduced project costs

Lowering modeling and robot programming time, leads to reduced project costs of up to 20%.


About our AI

Our AI is the muscle at the heart of the industrial metaverse. Its pulsation brings clunky scanning data to life as accurate and manageable digital twins. 

Our AI breaks the scanning data of your factory down to its atomic level detecting a myriad of objects, from small boxes on the shop floor to complex steel structures underneath the ceiling – each of them is handled with a great sense of transparency and accuracy.


About our Platform

At RIIICO, we believe in the merit of interoperability. That’s why – together with our partners – we are building connectors to make our solution compatible with your portfolio of expert software. We support a great variety of export and import formats. This way, you have full ownership of your data at any point in the data lifecycle.


About our Data Manager

Our Data Manager is the direct door to the industrial metaverse. It makes our AI's magic visible to the human eye for the first time and showcases your factory on the browser of your choice. The Data Manger enables you to conveniently access, manage and export your factory data. Using our extended data functionalities, you can leverage the full potential of your digital factory.


    Mostafa Akbari-Hochberg (Holobuilder)

    "RIIICO provides accessible data and actionable insights throughout the factory. The team delivers a smart reality in your pocket service through their easy-to-use factory planner. It will change the way factories will be planned and managed."

    Spencer Penn (former Tesla)

    "At Tesla, I helped launch and scale the Model 3 program. RIIICO would have been game changing to our ability to quickly prototype new shop floor designs and scale to mass production. When I first saw RIIICO's accessible approach and saw how much faster we could iterate our factory spaces – I was immediately sold.”

    Sanjeev Kumar (Stanford University & former Oracle)

    "RIIICOs tech stack is top-notch. Their AI engine power and meshing algorithms are state-of-the-art in the industry. This company is one of the pioneers of what will become the industrial metaverse."

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    Latest Updates


    RIIICO and Siemens: A bond solidified on Siemens Xcelerator (

    To deliver best-in-class solutions to its customers, Siemens collaborates not only with big companies and SMEs, but also with startups. RIIICO, an AI-startup from Germany, is one of these companies.


    RIIICO secures $1.5 million to advance AI-powered digital twins in manufacturing

    German startup RIIICO raises $1.5 million in a pre-Seed funding round to solve industrial pain points and push AI-driven digital twin creation forward.


    RIIICO is now connected to NVIDIA Omniverse by introducing OpenUSD

    Today, we proudly announce that RIIICO supports OpenUSD, the respective file format of the Omniverse. With that, RIIICO is official partner application of the Omniverse.