RIIICO is now connected to NVIDIA Omniverse

RIIICO introduces USD connectivity becoming part of NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse is widely recognized as setting the standard for the industrial metaverse. Today, we proudly announce that RIIICO supports USD, the respective file format of the Omniverse. This allows our users to conveniently switch between NVIDIA’s platform and RIIICO’s AI solution. With that, RIIICO is now connected to Omniverse – together opening the door to the industrial metaverse.


NVIDIA Omniverse setting the standard for the industrial metaverse 

The Omniverse is setting the global standard for 3D collaboration. Its powerful platform brings together NVIDIA’s core capabilities with a wide selection of partner applications revolutionising our interaction between the physical and digital world. This broad selection of powerful applications complements the Omniverse to provide a diverse tool box for the future of digital reality. RIIICO joins with a solution to bring complex scanning data to life, accurately, with high fidelity. 

OpenUSD file format enabling connectivity across powerful applications

OpenUSD is the file format of NVIDIA Omniverse. Originally introduced by Pixar it has made its way to become the global standard for 3D data – the HTML of the metaverse. With RIIICO you can now transform your lidar scanning data into sensibly segmented objects stored in OpenUSD. You decide whether to export the entire factory or choose those objects needed for your specific use-case. On top of that, this function is not a one-way street but goes both ways. Feel free to import your OpenUSD projects back into your RIIICO model. All according to your individual project. 

RIIICO’s AI solution for accelerating the Omniverse 

RIIICO’s AI solution effortlessly generates intelligent 3D objects from clunky scanning data setting the cornerstones to bridge our physical and digital worlds. The transformed data can then be accessed and controlled by the user through RIIICO’s intuitive web software, now just a few clicks away from NVIDIA Omniverse. Connecting RIIICO to NVIDIA’s platform is an important milestone enabling our customers to leverage the full potential of their data.


RIIICO meshes bring plenty of benefits in both performance and scalability compared to working with point clouds natively. 

Some of these benefits include:

  •  Providing dynamic 3D environments (vs. inert point clouds): All objects are classified, segmented and logically structured. 
  •  Faster loading time of RIIICO meshes compared to point clouds
  •  You get Omniverse-native optics and visual quality
  •  Using RIIICO meshes is less memory-intense 
  •  RIIICO  meshes provide higher frame rate: more frames per second

(More to come in the near future)





RIIICO offers a cutting-edge software solution enabling its customers to leverage the power of 3D scanning data. Our state-of-the-art AI processing is complemented by an intuitive web software with connectivity to your favourite 3D expert tools – AI meets the cloud meets the metaverse.

Thanks to RIIICO large amounts of 3D data are brought to life accurately and made accessible on any device in no time democratizing our collective efforts to the industrial metaverse. In practical terms we enable factory teams to shorten their planning cycles, reduce production downtime, while generating massive cost savings.

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